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Borg-like sycophants. Flipping through even one issue of FLIP CITY magazine defeats the culture war with side-splitting scorn. Flip City gives one hope that... besides losing their minds... the loony left has also lost their grip on culture. How else could FLIP CITY become so loved? It's because Flip City is created by people like you FOR people like you...
smart, funny, irreverent, and never woke.  

What the Flip

Flip City Magazine is quickly becoming an icon of independent publishing. 100% All-American and full of bluster, this independent print magazine gushes forth with enough irreverent comic satire to make MAD magazine its bitch if it were willing to

come out and fight. Notoriously anti-wokist and skewering mainstream narratives with neo-Shakspearean wit; and illustrated with world-class art belching from the bellies of America's best satirists, we mock all the right people. Satire is a tried-and-true method of filing down the fangs of the would-be tyrants who seek to turn us into

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