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LOWLIGHTS : DEC 1, 2023 ·

Every year Flip City trots out our annual list of the worst of the worst of what we all wish wouldn't have happened this past year.

In January news broke that a Federal grant program would supply "safe smoking kits" to inner city residents in an effort to reduce the harm of widescale drug addiction, causing many crackheads to exclaim, "Free crackpipes!" And residents don't have to be homeless to take advantage of these freebies. You could just live on your friend's couch.

Distributed kits reportedly included syringes, glass pipes, and NARCAN to treat narcotic overdoses, aimed to encourage the safe use of amphetamines, heroin, or whatever floats your boat, man. The kits were a smashing success and the pipes and needles have proven popular for getting wasted.

Relax, piles of homeless immigrants with pipes pissing in

a cup is a common sight in many American cites.

Drug paraphernalia is useful when bartering for food or quickies behind the tent.

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