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More Laughs

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Things are only getting scarier with the crashing economy, crushing censorship and crippling energy shortages around the world...

Queue Flip City magazine's 52-page Halloween SPOOKTACULAR, available now, packed with the most outrageous comic satire available in what's left of the free world.

Flip City's fourteenth print edition features a STRANGER THINGS parody; Dr. Fauci's I-Scream Shop; fiction feature THEY/THEM LIVED; Stars who Sold their Souls to Satan, our favorite throwback Fred English and more!

A witches' brew of over ten terrifying artists and writers conspired to craft this illustrative incantation come to life, including the devious David MacDowell, Daryll Collins and Defthandamin.

On the cover: a gaggle of glowing goons plant a pumpkin pipe bomb outside Flip City headquarters, courtesy of cover artist Pester Pooch.


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