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We wrap our second year with record-low visibility & outstanding bills

FLIP CITY recently lost its cherished Twitter account for ironically suggesting that some idiot might as well beat up a black guy since he was already so gung-ho about vaccine segregation. Now exiled from that ghetto, you can find us on the following platforms, for now, as we labor through the holidays to keep you entertained:

TELEGRAM (our current hangout where you can join the Flip City Circus); GAB; CLOUTHUB; MINDS; GETTR; RUMBLE; ODYSEE; YOUTUBE & begrudgingly FACEBOOK.

If you’d like to see Flip City stick around, circulate our posts online and make some noise about us! Sure, Flip City LOOKS like the product of a big, slick corporate operation, but we’re not. The irony is that we have look big to inspire confidence that Flip City is, in fact, a THING. Which leads people to think it must be rolling in cash and infinitely solvent, but this is far from the case. Flip City is the epitome of grass roots American press, launched by two people with almost no money. And nine issues later, FC continues to be run and edited by two people with almost no money, especially after checks go out to our brilliant staff of artists, some of whom might actually be paid by press time!

Your patronage of Flip City provides work opportunities for over a dozen artists and writers and more to come who have few to no other outlets for their unfettered rage and boiling testosterone And to our critics, our magazine team has so far included three women, four foreigners, a bona fide immigrant, a couple of guys of yet indeterminate ethnic origin and a very talented brother. So don’t even come at us!

You know this franchise is loads better than those smarmy other guys with their soft, barely fake news with no edge selling $50 mugs, getting high value retweets and chuckle emojis from the likes of the easily impressed Ted Cruzes, rolling in conservative dough and posturing as the comedic representatives of the not-left culture.

In fact when Flip City was a mere toddler of two (issues published) and our legs were barely stabilized, we waddled up to “fake news” satire publisher the Babylon Bee in search of advertising opportunities. We even threw down for an overpriced spot. Shortly after the Bee received our first two issues - and after the check was sent - the deal went sour. “Your content is too edgy and vulgar for our audience...”, read the stinging reply, which we proudly quote on our website.

Some will say: that makes business sense, that a Christian website wouldn’t want to do business with a lowbrow, vulgar, bottom-feeding shitrag. Well...

excuuuuse us, but WE ARE A CHRISTIAN PUBLICATION! Flip City absolutely reflects, nay, embodies all Western hetero Christian principles in every page and screed. You think a four-letter word or occasional boobie changes that? When Jesus threw the moneykeepers out of the temple, was that mean? YOU THINK YOU’RE MORE CHRISTIAN THAN US, BEE BOYS?! You’re conservative gatekeepers pushing the safest and most feeble form of satire that pushes reality 2% and then gloats about predictive accuracy when the obvious takes place two weeks later.

This was not only issue we’ve had with conservative gatekeepers. For people who complain about the lack of non-liberal culture, there sure are precious few who are willing to go bat (and take our money) to promote little ole Flip City, which has to make you wonder. I mean, all things considered, who can be completely confident that Babylon Bee isn’t just another C.I.A. front?

Culture war is not pretty. And being marginalized? Ah so what, we expect resistance from the humorless!




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