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From Flip City artist & contributor Lee Simpson comes a based new novel:


A young ram becomes the newest protector of his herd, joining the battle against their eternal enemies, the wolves. But another threat has emerged, the ancient and illusive Ambush Cats! They push the herd to breaking point and our hero to the brink of insanity! He must navigate through an increasingly maddening world if he's to save his herd from the cats, the wolves and themselves. SHAMS & RAMS is the debut novel of Lee Simpson. 2020 was a wake up call for the author, and this story was born out of the creeping tyranny experienced back then. Originally written all in one go, this creative out pouring lacked an ending. Three years later, it has been refined into a double barrel tale of tragedy and heroism.

Support independent media like everyone is always talking about doing! Click this link and get a paperback or Kindle copy of Shams & Rams:

It's Flip City Magazine's first special edition collection: THE PARODIES, with our timely take-offs on Lord of the Rings; Stranger Tings; Spider-Man; Star Trek: Picard; Hunters; The Mandalorian and much more, with art by DeftHandAmin, Dave MacDowell, Pester Pooch, Tony Talbert and more.

Get this 76-page full-color digital edition, available only on!

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