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More Laughs

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Wing of Congress and eye of Seth Rich's,

spirits hear this appeal from we three witches

to maintain the flow of donation bacon

to these two old bats and a Jamaican

and extend DJT's vacation

courtesy of his insider snitches!

Fire burn and cauldron crackle,

economic collapse while we all cackle

Toe of Boebert and eye of Greene,

tongue of Gaetz and Chip Roy's spleen,

silence our critics for being mean

and put them in digital shackles!

Calling spirits of black masses:

help us crush the middle classes

let the cities flow with crime

ensure that nobody does time

with nothing worse than a minimal fine

while we increase their taxes

Keep lists of all our enemies

and eliminate all liabilities;

give all our adversaries monkeypox

and keep prying eyes away from our stocks;

and ban FOX

as we stir this pot of January 6 detainees!


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