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Introducing the Flip City ugly Christmas sweater, the newest addition to our signature series created by RISE Attire! Wear the Thanksgiving centerpiece this year. It is ugly out there and making this open ended statement at a Christmas party or family event could gently open the door important conversations as you're asked what the heck your sweater means. Besides, you'll be comfy and cozy in this long sleeve USA made sweater. Check out the collection by clicking the picture below.

Check Out These Details!

You'd never know this but...

While the design appears to be a cable knit sweater, it's not! This in an all over design that is printed directly on a sweatshirt and plush blanket. This will truly blow the mind of anyone that sees it. Plus, since it is not an itchy sweater, you will stay extra comfy.

If you have always dreamed of sleeping with us now you can!



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