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Appearing on a podcast this past November,

legendary KISS frontman GENE SIMMONS

declared war on the unjabbed:

“If you’re willing to walk among us unvaccinated, you are an enemy.”

Simmons, forgetting there are laws, also stuck it good to freedom: “this delusional, evil idea that you get to do whatever you want and the rest of the world be damned is really terrible.”

“Stay away from evil people who don’t care about your health,” SImmons stated, as well as “I don’t wanna catch your disease.”, a thing Simmons never said once throughout the 1970s.

“I don’t care about your political beliefs,” insisted the long-tongued lethario, while drawing solid lines between ideological camps. The singer is likely (canker) sore over rumors that leniency led to the death of a band guitar tech in October.

“Yawning is not a life-threatening event,” said the man who made a career out of inverting his face for forty years. “You having COVID might be a life-threatening event, and I don’t wanna catch it,” which is ironic as there

are still germs hovering over Detroit from the Lick It Up tour that haven’t landed.

Despite later quoting the gospel line, “love thy neighbor as thyself”, Simmons’ statement only stokes fears he might sic his rabid fan base, the KISS ARMY, on the unvaccinated.


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