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In November 2020, veteran rocker Bruce Springsteen was arrested in New Jersey’s Gateway National Recreation Area in New Jersey after a park officer witnessed the Boss pound a shot and hop on his motorcycle, observing an empty bottle of Patron and his glassy eyes as Bruce was "visibly swaying back and forth".

Bruce was hence busted

on charges of driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, and consuming alcohol in a closed area. While having declined to provide a sample on an initial breath test,

Springsteen's blood alcohol level was subsequently reported to be below legal limits, but not enough tequila person from behind the wheel.

After a cringeworthy January Super Bowl Jeep ad premiere pleading for polarized Americans to come together, Bruce's arrest went public and JEEP pulled the ad from rotation.

Fortunately, all charges against the rock renegade were dropped after he agreed to pay a whopping fine of $500, the same price as an orchestra seat at "Springsteen On Broadway"!


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