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FLIP CITY Magazine brings your annual list of the worst of the worst of the year you're already ready to forget, all December long.

"SCREW YOUR FREEDOM": It was the year that bloated bigmouths ironically took the mask off and put their latent authoritarian impulses on public display.

In August, Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped the catchy line on a CNN panel show, insisting that his freedom, which should somehow remain unscrewed, "is being kind of disturbed here."

The Austrian clown went on to label native-born Americans "whiny babies" and "schmucks" for just saying no to perma-masked bitchhood.

Satellite radio exile Howard Stern was even more blunt in September, suggesting mandatory vaccination might have merits, and oxymoronically declaring "Fuck 'em. Fuck their freedom, I want my freedom to live."

2021 was also the year that the term "freedumb" went mainstream, to the revulsion of any human being who ever valued freedom.


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