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NEWS : JAN. 1, 2024 ·

Thousands of new state laws and local statutes are set to take effect starting January 1st and, as usual, California leads the way with bold, progressive change: it will now be illegal to discriminate against job applicants on the basis of their preference for wearing pajamas to work.

Work is hard. Make yourself at home at your job.

Drawing strength from the pushy trans movement, the pajama rights crowd successfully launched a statewide initiative to put the issue on the ballot last year. Activists stressed the urgent need to change the damaging stigma attached to wearing comfy bedtime attire in the professional workplace.

Passage of the bill was applauded by Silicon Valley techies and health care workers.

The only thing missing from this interview is a hot cup of cocoa.

The legislation denotes specific protections for robes and footie pajamas, although it does not address lingerie, a concern among women's rights groups.

Beginning Monday, any business found in violation of the state law could face severe fines. This is likely workable for companies who already offer "Pajama Fridays", although adapting to this new normal will come harder to traditional firms still hung up on mere "Casual Mondays" policies.

Oracle coders the Cooper twins thrive on the synergy of silk jammies.


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