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MOVIES : DEC. 12, 2023 ·

Classic sci-fi character Doctor Who's recent radical transformation from galactic scientist and scholar into disco twink means that the pushback against wokeness in movies and plummeting profits has taught the movie and television industry one thing: they haven't gone nearly far enough.

Dee Vader: new name, new attitude.

Disney+ is set to premiere "Star Wars: Endless Summer" in early 2024.

Says Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, "We know what fans want and expect from the Star Wars universe, and it definitely needs more teen-oriented content, with partying, as well as queer stuff, of course."

"SW:ES is an opportunity to break free of the tired stereotypes of the Star Wars universe. Zoomers want fresh, relatable characters. They want more story lines about hooking up and fewer about cosmic and moral struggles."

The plot: the Wars gang goes to at Elysium Resort on the pleasure planet Zeltros, in the galactic Inner Rim, for two weeks of summer fun and sun, drinking, dancing and general hedonism.

Things get sticky when Sith Lord Dee Vader arrives to see A performance by Hutt Hustle Tribe at Zeltros Harmony Fest, and the rebel crew has to avoid running into him.

Drama also ensues when Mace Windu gets in over his head at the Sabacc tables.

Yoda judges interstellar wet tee-shirt and bikini contest.

Lesbian droids try picking up girls poolside on Zeltros.


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