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Groomed at the tender age of twelve for the Harvey Weinstein-produced movie franchise, actor Daniel Radcliffe remains the nostalgic obsession of pedophiles worldwide. It's no fresh take that Radcliffe was used as the prototype to seduce children into neo-witchcraft and boysorcery by the millions, like moths to flame. The personal consequence of his role in this global occultist recruitment effort: the traumatized Radcliffe battled with alcoholism, dyspraxia (a neurological disorder), even dysphoria. "I can point to many scenes where I'm just gone. Dead behind the eyes... blacking out was my thing," he recalled to Heat and Shortlist, much like us when we have to sit through a Harry Potter movie at a family gathering. The traumatized teen went on to star in other eccentric and suggestive projects, including the Broadway production of Equus, the play about a boy's intense love for his horse, and Horns, a film about a killer who grows devil horns on his head. Now, the full manifestation is revealed: Radcliffe was recently cast as the dark lord of paradoxical inversion and deconstructionist svengali Weird Al Yankovic in the Weird One's new biopic.

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