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NEWS : DEC. 8, 2023 ·

The Bronze Age is back with a vengeance. Old, stodgy statues of military guys and probable slavers are out. Art about real people is in; art that simply looks more like the United States we know.

Tribute to the Half-Naked Machete Slasher stands aggressively in Akron, OH.

Big cities across America are diverting tax funds to commission amazing new bronze works for public display from diverse artists who would otherwise never have gotten hired by anyone, anywhere.

Urban art is where it's at: Holla Girl in NYC towers over tourists at 25 feet tall.

Homeless Guy (below) was accidentally mistaken for a homeless guy and swept up by unmarked white vans when Governor Gavin Newsom ordered a cleanup of San Francisco streets prior to the arrival of China's President Xi. The work was later located under the 110 Freeway in Los Angeles which collapsed after being set ablaze. Homeless Guy was briefly questioned in connection with the incident and released.


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