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Mothers describe hellish conditions in domestic captivity

FLIP CITY NEWS: Women across the United States are being literally enslaved by the very children they were forced to give birth to under the draconian abortion regulations emerging in radical red states like Texas. We spoke to a number of women who did not want their identities revealed, many of whom related to us sordid details of their lives of 24/7 servitude.

The infants relied heavily on sleep deprivation techniques perfected in recent conflicts like the war in Iraq, intermittently crying at high pitched frequencies for hours at a time to break the minds of their captives.

Their captors would also routinely demand mouth-to-breast contact, in an ongoing ritual of sexual assault meant to satisfy the predators' darkest urges, after which the tiny tormentors would mockingly laugh and giggle at their victims.

So far, human rights organizations notified have failed to take action to secure the safety of the victims, although several rescue attempts have been made by local women's empowerment groups.


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