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FLIP CITY is subversive and dangerous to perceived online reputations. These brave journalists, radio personalities and podcasters don't give a flip and had us on anyway. Check us out!


September 9, 2022 American Greatness

Flip City Magazine was interviewed by Ray McCoy about the magazine and the article was posted to the American Greatness website.

We speak about reviving print media, our personal backgrounds, MAD magazine and more.

Read the article here...

March 31, 2022 The Corbett Report

Flip City Magazine was invited on the Corbett Reports podcast as part of the Solutions Watch series with the episode titled Truth in Art. What does James Corbett think of Flip City? "This is certainly not for everyone, it is genuinely quite biting satire and I’m sure there are people out there that would be offended by this. This certainly does go into the culture war areas of what’s happening right now in ways that I’m sure there would be people that are offended by it. I think that is actually the point."

Find the Corbett Report on Odysee

December 2021 Let's Be Frank

Flip City Magazine along with Incel Riot Studios discuss culture war and producing independent physical media. Covering topics like censorship and overwhelming cancellation.

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