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What The People Say


"Genuinely satirical, genuinely cutting but also funny and obviously chaotic and very fun."
-James Corbett, CORBETT REPORT

"Mocking Woke
Nonsense to a 10!"


"Really is the best thing I ever read."

"This reminds me so much of what MAD magazine used to be."

"Best Magazine Ever!"
-Mike Filip, Americanuck Radio

"Too edgy and vulgar for our audience."
-The Babylon Bee

"I normally hate, really hate, musicals. But, bravo."

"Flip City, both in print and online, seems to want to blast huge craters through every last politically correct notion that exists."
-Richard Cason, Radio Host

"Keep up the outstanding work!
Ryan Christian, The Last American Vagabond

"I LOVE your magazine. It is funny, hits all the pertinent subjects spot on, and the graphics are amazing."

"I very much enjoy your magazine. I have a feeling in the future they are going to be very valuable, as they are hilarious while speaking the truth during these chaotic times."

"I'm reading each page like drinking good whiskey, taking it in. Enjoying the top notch and wonderful artistry of Flip City Mag!"
-Rickin' Bad

"Absolute Brilliance
Fantastic Art Work
Great detail in dialog
Context is excellent."


"MAD Magazine on Steroids!"

"I bet you don't have 100 subscriptions even. Not with Qanon content and drawings by a 8 year old."

"May issue is awesome. Thanks Flip City."

"You blow away the old MAD magazine."

"Skum. You have a trash magazine too."

"I can think of so many ways to blow $19.99 that's actually way more worth it than a subscription to your rag."
-Robert California

"Your sense of humor is nonexistent."

"Love your mag, anxiously awaiting the newest edition. I don't want to miss a single just keeps getting better with every issue."

"Got my FLIP CITY mags. Gonna make shitting even better!"
-Steve W.

"Maybe you should be called 'Flop City' and match what probably happens in your pants."

"Best damn magazine out there today. All my extra copies I have been leaving at the VA Doctors' offices. Thanks for an excellent magazine!"
-Randall Hurd

"Keep 'em  comin', boys! Each issue is a treasure! "
-Bethany Brandon

"Flip City Magazine is the best thing to hit the toilet since, well, toilet paper! It's bright, colorful, and full of interesting articles that make time in the bathroom fly by. Plus, it's much more pleasant to read than staring at a blank wall!"

"Did you know that Flip City Mag is the most garbage website on the internet? A twelve year old could design a better looking website."
-King Koopa Antifa

"I'll be clear and concise so your tiny brain can understand. You and your magazine are not funny. Is that better?"

"I loved Mad/Cracked magazines and punk rock as a kid and I always thought, "Man, how do they get away with that?!" Thirty years later, comedy and punk have killed each other in a murder/suicide - some kind of pact, I guess. That makes Flip City Magazine even more important for right now!"
-James Pilato, Media Monarchy

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