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More Laughs

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Our HALLOWEEN PACK includes all three FLIP CITY Halloween editions. That's 140 pages of freaks, creeps, villains, spooks, maniacs and monsters, real and imagined. In the package:

Issue 3- FREAKS AND CREEPS- The first annual Halloween edition from 2020, with The Resistocrats; 6 Can't-Miss Crises; Ruled by Ghouls; If Music Legends Sold Out To China.

Issue 8- HORROR SHOW featuring the BLOODY FAUCI cover; Tales from the Flip; Swamp Monsters of the Pandemic; Woke World Halloween.

Issue 14- SPOOKTACULAR packed with spooks, glowies, feds and MORE: ; Stranger Things parody; Stars Who Sold Their Souls to Satan; They/Them Live; Not Halloween Again.


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