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FLIP CITY Magazine brings your annual list of the worst of the worst of the year you're already ready to forget, all December long.


In November, a crowd surge during a performance by rapper Travis Scott at the Astroworld music festival in Houston, Texas, squished eight spectators to death and sent several hundred to the hospital. Concert goers

described sensations of confusion and dizziness staring at the pro-Satan stage set replete with skulls, demons, fire, and the standard Hell props.

Adding fuel to the fire, Scott continued performing for another half hour, overlooking the crowd from an elevated platform while bodies were being drug away, including one belonging to a former 14-year-old boy.

Scott has since been hit with a $750 million class action suit in Houston civil court on behalf of 125 victims of the melee, although a court filing indicated that more than 2,500 plaintiffs had already retained attorneys, which seems like an awfully high number of complaints, but we're sure they're all 100% legit.


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