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Concert attendees see shades of G.G. Allin

FLIP CITY NEWS: Following the spectacle of the Rockville Festival in Daytona, Florida where Sophia Urista, lead singer of N.Y. band Brass Against relieved herself on a fan’s face, pop rock stars are jumping on the bandwagon to copycat the new craze.

Has seen fans eager to turn their faces into targets for pee-stream projectiles. This week witnessed Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and even Bruce Springsteen pee in their fans’ faces at concerts. K-Pop stars BTS even got into the action, all singers simultaneously releasing on the front row of their audience. “I’m trading in my gold records for golden showers,” tweeted pop starlet Ariana Grande.

Said a music industry insider who requested anonymity, “It’’s business as usual. We’ve been pissing on the fans for years, they just didn’t know it.”


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