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"Step aside, Greta! Move over, AOC! Take a hike, Bernie! Meet the latest and greatest in green super hero-dumb… the Incredible Green Hoax!

Can the Hoax save the free world from continued prosperity, freedom, and the comfort climate-controlled living? Find out in the thrilling first issue of the Incurable – uh – I mean Incredible Green Hoax!

This thrilling cover for the first exciting issue of the Incredible Green Hoax, features the Hoax heroically smashing the Beast from 5000’ into a gooey mass of oil rigor mortis! After he heroically smashes the Creature from the Coal Pits into neatly-packaged 16 lb bags of BBQ briquets, he’ll be glad to heroically push your EV to the nearest charging station. Note: Make sure you’re up-to-date on your auto insurance as more smashing may occur."

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