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LOWLIGHTS : DEC. 4, 2023 ·

Every year Flip City trots out our annual list of the worst of the worst of what we all wish wouldn't have happened this past year.

In June, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave the green light to fake meat producers Upside Foods and Good Meat to begin their rollout of synthetic lab-grown chicken. Fake meats have been touted by the usual suspects – billionaire Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum – as a solution to their threats of global climate change. This comes despite even Bloomberg BusinessWeek informing readers that the immortalized cell lines that give birth to the pernicious proteins are themselves "pre-cancerous" and could produce supercharged "turbo cancers". If the event you find this news unappetizing, you're not alone – demand for plant-based meats has dropped dramatically with producer Impossible Foods already firing a fifth of its work force.

Chicken Thingers soon to be on the menu.


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