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Gary Buechler of NERDROTIC made a cameo as a troll in FLIP CITY's Rings of Power parody last year then recently joined us for an interview. Check out the interview inside Volume 19 and SUBSCRIBE to get all our best parodies sent to you for FREE!

Here's a snippet:

Flip City: In the time since you got home from Comic-Con, you went with eight guys to watch the Barbie movie. And as you are a movie review provider, I can understand that, but, don’t you have a hard time staring at that color palette for ninety minutes?

Gary Buechler: Well, I wanted to do the gayest thing I’ve ever done in my life, and that would be going to Barbie with eight guys. There was a girl there, but that doesn’t help anything. Staring at that color palette was, uh... it was like sitting through A Clockwork Orange. It was horrible.

Actually, to be honest, I thought the movie was going in a different direction, and it didn’t, but yeah, staring at pink for that long, I no longer see in color. I’m colorblind now. It was terrible. I hated it. The movie’s not made for me, though it’s making a lot of money. This isn’t my description, but I think it’s the best description. It was from Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Assad: It’s the white woman’s Black Panther.

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