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Sometimes, life just isn’t fair. What can you do about it? Well, now you can MAKE life fair, thanks to new standards and goals rolling out all around the world! Because nothing, including your life, is more important than Diversity, Inclusion and Equality...


Freight trains are derailing across the nation, jumping their tracks left and right and leaving trails of toxic goo and waste in their wakes. Accidents from Michigan to

Tennessee to Arizona have spurred forced evacuations, to the delight of savvy real estate investment firms. But it’s Norfolk Southern Corporation, the railroad company behind February’s vinyl chloride spill-and-burn and subsequent toxic cloud in East Palestine, Ohio, that takes the cake with four derailments in that state in the span of five months.

Fortunately, NSC has its priorities straight: In 2021, the company formed an LGTBQ+ resource group to “promote...advocacy, education, inclusion & dignity” for all its employees, and has since made a strong showing in Atlanta’s yearly PRIDE event. They also introduced an “unconscious bias workshop”, mandatory for all management. NSC has reaped praise for its strong D.I.E. hand from major players, so we can all rest assured that future fiery, blazing wrecks will occur a in bias-free fashion, with dignity, acceptance and lots of warm, fuzzy feelings.

Art by Daryll Collins from Flip City Vol. 17

It's Flip City Magazine's first special edition collection: THE PARODIES, with our timely take-offs and savage send-ups of Lord of the Rings; Stranger Things; Spider-Man; Star Trek: Picard; Hunters; The Mandalorian and much more, with some of the best Flip City artists.

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