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NEWS : DEC. 5, 2023 ·

WASHINGTON D.C. - It's been nearly forty years since naughty photos from the past came back to burn 1984 Miss America winner Vanessa Williams, whose scandalous previously-unpublished pictures for Penthouse magazine caused her to be stripped of her pageant crown.

Willie Brown watches from his favorite angle in Harris' boudoir photo session.

Now Vice President Kamala Harris finds herself the center of attention as unpublished photos from the 1990s have surfaced featuring Harris posing provocatively in then-San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown's office. The photos were allegedly taken by photographers for Black Tail magazine but Harris never gave the publishers permission to print or release them.

But times change, and Harris supporters argue that as there is now less stigma attached to sex work, Harris should embrace her past. "This only proves that she has real skills, and is not, in fact, stupid and useless, as her critics assert," said a spokesperson for the VP.

Of course, this messaging has led some to suspect that the photos were purposely leaked by someone in the Harris camp to generate even some minuscule wave of interest in her existence, despite polls testifying to the contrary.

The shot literally nobody was asking for.


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