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FLIP CITY Magazine brings your annual list of the worst of the worst of the year you're already ready to forget, all December long.


It was the year the media called out the most insidious, malicious domestic white supremacist threat of them all: black people!

In the buildup to California's gubernatorial recall election, the Los Angeles Times branded Gavin Newsom's top challenger, black conservative radio host Larry Elder, "the black face of white supremacy".

The Times doubled down, challenging Elder's Los Angeles roots and spinning him as the aggressor rather than the recipient of an attempted egging in Venice.

After Governor Terry McAuliffe's defeat in Virginia at the hands of newcomer Glenn Youngkin, an MSNBC commentator smeared freshly-elected lieutenant governor Winsome Sears, an immigrant and former Marine, as a "black mouth" for "white supremacist practices."

Even a troublesome national rash of violent urban crimes against Asians was pinned on "white supremacy" despite the conspicuous absence of white people involved. But for ethnicities feeling left out of all the fun, there's no need to fret, as this year's hysteria demonstrated that no pigment provides protection from peevish progressive persecution.

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