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More Laughs

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FLIP CITY Magazine brings your annual list of the worst of the worst of the year you're already ready to forget, all December long.


For NBA superstar and NIKE schill Lebron James' opening 2021 salvo, he raged at the January 6 protestors insisting Capitol officers' "restraint" was due to the "2 AMERIKKKAS we live FULL CAPACITY LIVE IN DIRECT... AT THE CAPITOL!”

He followed up in April, scoring with a tweet of a photo of a Columbus, Ohio police officer present at a police shooting, captioned

“You’re Next.”

For all Lebron's pandering to China, his Space Jam sequel A New Legacy was denied entry to the Chinese consumer market and tanked domestically in July.

Wrapping up the year in high style, just in the last month James got suspended for punching Detroit's Isaiah Stewart in the face; had two fans in Indiana ejected from a game for trash-talking him; and grabbed his nuts and danced obscenely to celebrate a game-winning 3-point shot, racking up a $15,000 fine. Santa, put this one in the naughty column!


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