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From @PesterPooch: Pooch Studios was excited for its first (and probably last) opportunity to capture the First Couple in this mostly flattering First Portrait. Things were going great until Joe suffered an untimely mask malfunction.

So I accept zero blame for any flaws in the finished product – I just call ‘em like I see ‘em. I tried the using the same excuse for Dr. Jill’s half of the portrait, but was promptly informed that, "Dr. Jill is not wearing a mask!" My next suggestion of a possible “face malfunction” didn’t go over well. For more Pester Pooch art, and cartoon satire by the rest of the Gang of Revolting Artists that unmasks evil swamp dwellers on every page, check out the latest Flip City Magazine @FlipCityMag And for Pooch cartoons, not yet seen on Gab, pick up some back issues … collect ‘em all!

It's Flip City Magazine's first special edition collection: THE PARODIES, with our timely take-offs and savage send-ups of Lord of the Rings; Stranger Things; Spider-Man; Star Trek: Picard; Hunters; The Mandalorian and much more, with some of the best Flip City artists.

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