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TELEVISION : DEC. 9, 2023 ·

Flip City reviews the best of the boob tube.

Nothing is safe on the front porches of American suburban homes anymore!

PORCH PIRATES follows a diverse group of urbanites as they stalk UPS, FedEx and Amazon delivery trucks, waiting for the right time to swipe the precious booty right out from under the nose of the person who ordered something online a few days ago.

Porch Pirates got it going on, yo.

Flying blind, they never know what they're going to get – will it be gold designer jewelry? Or boxes of feminine hygiene products? Like Christmas, not knowing is half the fun!

Federico hustles to complete the Patio Plunder challenge.

Season one is set to close with a porch pirate showdown - whoever can swipe the most packages in one hour is crowned the Ultimate Porch Pirate and wins this American Cart Multi-Mover hand truck with rear wheels.

Watch the first season of Porch Pirates on the PUPU network starting December 22nd.


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