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A holiday selection from Flip City's 2022 Christmas Songbook.

Art by Lee Simpson

Silent day

Silent night

Shut down right-

wing websites

Ban yon Tucker and

jail Steve Bannon

Gag Shapiro and

Pat Buchanan

And silence Hannity, please?

Silence Sean Hannity, please!

Silence the right

Muzzle them tight

Ignore what they say

Make them pay

File yon lawsuits and

bleed them all dry

Seize their bank accounts,

Paypal and Stripe

Cease their hateful speech...

Cease their hateful speech!


It's Flip City Magazine's first special edition collection: THE PARODIES, with our timely take-offs and savage send-ups of Lord of the Rings; Stranger Things; Spider-Man; Star Trek: Picard; Hunters; The Mandalorian and much more, with some of the best Flip City artists.

Get this 76-page full-color digital exclusive when you subscribe to Flip City in print, delivered!


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