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From @PesterPooch: This cartoon is number four in my S.I. parody trilogy. Yeah, I know, but new math and stuff. I had two sketches for this one and was wrestling over which direction to take. This version won out, but I still l like the other idea so part-5 of the trilogy could be coming soon.

If you’re interested in collecting the rest of the Pester Pooch S.I. Trilogy, you should probably see a psychiatrist, but if you insist, you can find part-3 and 4 on my feed. Parts-1 and 2 are only available in back issues of Flip City magazine – get ‘em while they last! For lots more full-contact smash-mouth cartoon satire that KOs the left – by the Unusual Gang of Revolting Writers and Artists – check out Flip City Magazine and subscribe today: @FlipCityMag

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It's Flip City Magazine's first special edition collection: THE PARODIES, with our timely take-offs and savage send-ups of Lord of the Rings; Stranger Things; Spider-Man; Star Trek: Picard; Hunters; The Mandalorian and much more, with some of the best Flip City artists.

Get this 76-page full-color digital exclusive when you subscribe to Flip City in print, delivered!

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